depression is kinda like bill cosby.

My life prisoner is having a hard time today folks. He is struggling with his depression, and I am no help with my raging fucking temper. His family life is completely upside down, and he has no idea how to cope or handle it. Lemme tell you something, watching someone you love suffer, and not having the brightest fucking idea how to make him better sucks so much balls. The best I can do is offer him, booze, hookers, and drugs and he has said no ( any takers? I drank all the booze sorry) He sits there, and you can see the depression that he fights off everyday slowly creeping its bill cosby acting ass back up. But I have a confession I basically said the things no person going through a battle with a depression wants to hear: you just need to snap out of it. Yup I feel like a cunt already. That’s not what he wanted or needed to hear. So a few drinks later, I finally said what I really thought. I have lost damn near all my family, and it has made me cold to others who feel anything towards their own. I always thought its so much easier to just be cold, and close out the world, but then I fell in love and my prisoner is now my family. So my new advice to him was when I was where he was a long ass time ago, I felt like I needed/had to do something right then to remedy the situation, I was constantly looking for a white knuckle solution. and as corny as it may sound the best thing for me was time. It took time for the misplaced guilt to fade, the fear to subside, and the hatred to dissipate. and even though it will not feel like it right now, give it time, and you will look back wondering why you let it affect you so much. I dont know much but I do know that there is way to much emotional bullshit going on, and not enough whiskey to curb it.

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